About me:

I’m a dreamer. I am so good at imagining things and situations that probably don’t exist. But I do that anyway for the sheer fun of it. I also am a good listener. If you want to be heard, I’m all ears. I’m artistic, so my straight lines would look a little funny.

Most of all, I’m crazy over books, music, dogs, kids and love. The idea of these things always cheer me up. I’m not going to go into detail, because I’ll never finish.

I can be really funny, or really moody. But generally, I’m in a neutral state. My moods shift real quick, so even though I’m not feeling the best, I can pull it off.

I am a firm believer in destiny and fate. But I also believe that destiny alone wouldn’t make anything better or worse. The more you work towards something; the more likely it be yours. A little luck would surely make things easier, but all in all, it comes down to you to make a difference.

About this blog:

Writing has always been my safe haven, it’s a way of escaping. But sometimes, it’s been the solution, companion and my guide. These writings are for the sake of my mental well-being.

Most of my writings are influenced by the books I read, so don’t be surprised to find Harry Potter references all over the place.

Hope you enjoy the read.


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