An Insight to Internship

Unfolded here, is the story of my internship experience. The first few weeks were scary in more than one way. This happened to be the first time I was “doing a job”. I’ve never had to sit in front of a laptop and a desktop in an air-conditioned room from 8 am to 5 pm,…Read more An Insight to Internship


Geeky Additions to the ‘Heart-broken Introvert Starter Pack’

Being an introvert is hard. Feeling comfortable about speaking your heart out and the incredible ability to be around people as easily as you would with your family are some of the luxuries that we introverts have not been granted with. There are times that I so wish I weren't one. But you see, the Fates…Read more Geeky Additions to the ‘Heart-broken Introvert Starter Pack’


නිල් පාට අහසට හඳ නාවා නම්, ඒ හඳ වට කරන් පුංචි තරු කැට දිළිසුණේ නැති නම්, පිපුණු මල් අග පිණි බිඳක් නැති උණා නම්, හමන සුළඟේ ඔය සුවඳ නොතිබුණා නම්, සැනසිල්ලේ හුස්ම ගන්න තිබුණා මට...